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Gurudwara's Registration

Gurdwara registration is an invitation extended to Gurdwaras to join us in a remarkable Breaking-Bread "America Appreciation Lunch" LANGAR event.

We welcome ALL Gurdwaras to register here and become an integral part of this meaningful event to spread Sikh goodwill and get priceless PUBLICITY for FREE. The more Gurudwaras we have nationwide, the more publicity we will get - So, please register below.

By registering, Gurdwaras can actively participate in fostering unity, inclusivity, and community engagement. This event provides an excellent opportunity for Gurdwaras to showcase their commitment to Sikh values and traditions, while promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Joining in this event not only strengthens the bond among Gurdwaras but also allows for a collective effort to spread awareness about Sikhism and extend Guru Nanak Sahib's message of love, compassion, and service to all.


Gurudwaras Register Here....