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Our Mission

The mission of Sikh Projects is to foster goodwill, education and awareness about Sikhism, working diligently to eradicate discrimination against Sikhs in all its forms.

How do we do it?

Our approach to achieving this mission is by promoting the Sikh identity through comprehensive information and education initiatives.

Additionally, we aim to showcase the essence of Sikh hospitality by organizing "Langars," community meals that serve as a platform to familiarize people with Sikh traditions and values.

Plus, working with Inter-Faith Charities International = www.InterFaithCharity.org - with disaster relied Langars and sending

"Mobile LANGAR Feeding Units"
 (maned by Turbaned Sikhs) to major Ivy League / popular colleges and universities to:

---  Create turban and Sikh identity awareness and Sikh goodwill ( (these Ivy league students go on to be at high influence level jobs and careers and will have already known Sikhs and our goodwill 

--- this will open a lot of doors for our future generations.---  Working thru Inter-Faith Charities International will give us huge favourable publicity.            and much much more...........

The Founder

Meet Bir Ishwar Singh Grewall (Bir I.S. Grewall), a nationally known financial strategist, advisor, author and a member of Member Global Influencers Club. Alongside his remarkable professional achievements, Bir is a dedicated community leader and a devout Sikh. His father, a decorated Chief-of-Police in the former Pepsu state of India (now Punjab), inspired him with a profound message: "Son, when you grow up, make something of yourself; and when you do, don't merely tread lightly through life—help uplift others." These words have resonated with Bir throughout his journey, culminating in the creation of the "America Appreciation Lunch (Langar)" project.


Now in its inaugural year, the project will be hosted in the United States, Canada, and England, with plans to expand its reach globally. Taking place every third Saturday of November (just before Thanksgiving in the USA), this initiative aims to extend gratitude and foster understanding among diverse communities.


Bir's exceptional contributions have garnered him numerous accolades, including the prestigious President Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award. He has also served as the Honorary State Chairman for the National Congressional Committee and earned national recognition as the "Businessman of the Year" by the National Business Advisory Council in Washington D.C. Additionally, he is listed in the esteemed "Who's Who in Corporate America."


Driven by his desire to give back to the Sikh community and society at large, Bir has spearheaded the development of this website. It serves as a platform to uplift and empower individuals by promoting Sikh values, fostering interfaith dialogue, and facilitating cultural exchange.


Furthermore, Bir is the visionary founder of Inter-Faith Charities International—an esteemed philanthropic organization through which he channels his generosity to positively impact the world. This endeavor is a testament to his deep respect for his father, S. Baboo Singh ji, and a testament to his commitment to honor his father's legacy.


In summary, Bir Ishwar Singh Grewall is not only a highly accomplished professional but also a compassionate leader dedicated to uplifting others and promoting harmony among communities. His "America Appreciation Lunch (Langar)" project and Inter-Faith Charities International stand as shining examples of his unwavering commitment to creating a better world for all.


Recipient of:

  • President Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award

    Member of: 
    - "Global Influencers Club"        
    (an invitation only members club)

Served as:

- Honorary State Chairman       ( for the National Congressional Committee)

Recognized as:

- "Businessman of the Year"       (by the National Business Advisory Council, Washington D.C.)


Listed in:

- "Who's Who in Corporate America"

Financial Advisors of America Inc.  (www.FAOAI.com )



- "America Appreciation Lunch {Langar}"



- "Inter-Faith Charities International Inc"

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